White vs Purple Grape Juice.

Optimized fruit salad is a constant quest and juice is an integral part of it.  For long periods of time orange juice was foundation.  Orange juice well tasty particular the high pulp varieties generally overpowers the diced fruit.  Recently I’ve switched over the grape juice.  Of the cheap varieties found at Aldi’s White grape juice seems to be more subtle well the purple seems overpower it.  Still trying to work out which juice is better with whatever combination of fruit I use.




Number #2

The original plan


thinly sliced oranges


Purple grape fruit juice, instead of white.


Completed with a handful of Strawberries, 1/3 honeydew, One Fiji apple (or was it Gala), One Banana, one orange, three kiwi fruit, and a bag of frozen berries.


what I didn’t use.


Time to enjoy.


Post one,

I make a lot of fruit salads, nearly one to two a day for reasons I’d prefer not say why.

This made with stuff I got from Aldi’s it’s short walk away ingredients include

Two banana’s, One apple, 1/3 cantaloupe, same red table grapes, three kiwi fruit, handful of strawberries, one bag of frozen blue berries, 1/4 a container of white grape fruit juice.